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Futbol+Qol - La Liga Azərbaycanda hansı kanalda nümayiş etdiriləcək?

Futbol+Qol Qazeti: The Voice of Soccer Fans in Azerbaijan

If you are a soccer fan in Azerbaijan, you probably have heard of Futbol+Qol Qazeti, a sports newspaper that covers everything related to soccer, from local to international news and events. But do you know what makes this newspaper so special and unique? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Futbol+Qol Qazeti, from its history and background, to its features and content, to its benefits and advantages, to its future plans and goals. Read on to find out why Futbol+Qol Qazeti is the voice of soccer fans in Azerbaijan.

What is Futbol+Qol Qazeti?

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is a sports newspaper that focuses on soccer, or futbol, as it is called in Azerbaijani. The name of the newspaper means "Soccer+Goal Newspaper" in English, which reflects its aim to provide soccer fans with exciting and informative news and stories about their favorite sport.

futbol+qol qazeti

A sports newspaper that covers soccer news and events

Futbol+Qol Qazeti was founded in 2019 by a group of passionate soccer fans who wanted to create a platform for soccer lovers in Azerbaijan. The newspaper covers all kinds of soccer news and events, from local leagues and tournaments, such as the Azerbaijan Premier League and the Azerbaijan Cup, to international competitions and championships, such as the FIFA World Cup TM , the UEFA European Championship, and the UEFA Champions League. The newspaper also features interviews, profiles, analyses, statistics, predictions, opinions, and more about soccer players, teams, coaches, referees, officials, fans, and other stakeholders.

A platform for soccer fans to express their opinions and passions

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is not only a source of information, but also a platform for soccer fans to express their opinions and passions. The newspaper encourages its readers to interact with its writers, editors, and other readers through various channels, such as comments, letters, polls, quizzes, contests, etc. The newspaper also invites its readers to contribute their own articles, photos, videos, or other content related to soccer. Moreover, the newspaper organizes events and activities for its readers, such as meet-ups, watch parties, fan clubs, etc., where they can meet other soccer fans and share their love for the sport.

A source of information and entertainment for soccer lovers

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is not only a platform for interaction, but also a source of information and entertainment for soccer lovers. The newspaper aims to provide its readers with fun and engaging content that will make them enjoy and appreciate soccer more. The newspaper offers a variety of content, such as puzzles, games, jokes, cartoons, trivia, etc., that will challenge and entertain its readers. The newspaper also showcases the culture and lifestyle of soccer fans, such as their fashion, music, food, travel, etc., that will inspire and educate its readers.

How did Futbol+Qol Qazeti start?

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is a relatively new sports newspaper, but it has a rich and interesting history and background. Here are some of the facts and stories behind the newspaper.

The history and background of the newspaper

Futbol+Qol Qazeti was founded by a group of friends who shared a common passion for soccer. They met each other through an online soccer forum, where they discussed and debated about soccer topics. They realized that there was a lack of quality and diverse soccer content in Azerbaijan, especially in print media. They decided to create their own soccer newspaper, where they could share their knowledge, opinions, and passions with other soccer fans. They started with a small budget and a small team, but they had a big vision and a big ambition.

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The vision and mission of the newspaper

The vision of Futbol+Qol Qazeti is to become the leading and most trusted soccer newspaper in Azerbaijan and beyond. The mission of Futbol+Qol Qazeti is to provide soccer fans with high-quality and comprehensive soccer content that will inform, entertain, and engage them. The values of Futbol+Qol Qazeti are to be professional, credible, innovative, inclusive, and passionate.

The achievements and challenges of the newspaper

Futbol+Qol Qazeti has achieved many milestones and successes since its inception. Some of them are:

  • It has grown from a monthly to a weekly publication, with a circulation of over 10,000 copies.

  • It has expanded its team from 5 to 20 staff members, including writers, editors, designers, photographers, etc.

  • It has won several awards and recognitions from various organizations and institutions, such as the Azerbaijan Journalists Union, the Azerbaijan Football Federation Association, etc.

  • It has partnered with several sponsors and advertisers, such as Coca-Cola TM , Adidas TM , etc.

  • It has established a loyal and active fan base of over 50,000 readers across Azerbaijan and abroad.

However, Futbol+Qol Qazeti has also faced many challenges and difficulties along the way. Some of them are:

  • It has faced competition from other sports media outlets, especially online platforms.

  • It has faced criticism from some soccer authorities and figures, who accused it of being biased or unprofessional.

  • It has faced censorship and pressure from some political and social forces, who tried to influence or interfere with its editorial independence.

  • It has faced financial and operational issues, such as rising costs, limited resources, technical problems, etc.

  • It has faced external and internal conflicts, such as legal disputes, staff turnover, ethical dilemmas, etc.

What are the features and content of Futbol+Qol Qazeti?

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is a sports newspaper that offers a wide range of features and content for its readers. Here are some of the sections and categories of the newspaper.

The sections and categories of the newspaper

Futbol+Qol Qazeti is divided into four main sections: News, Features, Entertainment, and Opinion. Each section has several categories that cover different aspects and topics of soccer. Here is a table that shows the sections and categories of the newspaper.






Covers the news and events of the local soccer scene, such as the Azerbaijan Premier League, the Azerbaijan Cup, the Azerbaijan national team, etc.


Covers the news and events of the international soccer scene, such as the FIFA World Cup TM , the UEFA European Championship, the UEFA Champions League, etc.


Covers the news and rumors of the transfer market, such as the signings, departures, loans, contracts, etc. of soccer players and coaches.


Covers the news and updates of the injury status, recovery, rehabilitation, etc. of soccer players and coaches.



Features exclusive and in-depth interviews with soccer players, coaches, referees, officials, fans, and other stakeholders.


Features detailed and comprehensive profiles of soccer players, coaches, teams, clubs, stadiums, etc.


Features expert and insightful analysis of soccer matches, tactics, strategies, performances, statistics, etc.


Features bold and accurate predictions of soccer matches, results, standings, awards, etc.



Offers fun and challenging puzzles related to soccer, such as crosswords, word searches, sudoku, etc.


Offers entertaining and interactive games related to socc


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