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Bird Pirates Game BETTER

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Bird Pirates Game BETTER

after creating its share of adventurers that would frighten even the most seasoned player, many would have been willing to continue on. but things take many, many changes along the way. even the most incorrigible and recalcitrant character can often be convinced to change their minds. one of the things that ive learned from this is that you can easily change a the people that make a game, as much as you can change the game itself, but it can be more difficult to change a person. so i would say that this is not impossible, just difficult.

now to the game itself, journey to enders is a game that is designed to capture the feeling of an intense science fiction action movie. this is achieved through the use of the engine the chrono trigger engine, which was incredibly solid. the graphics are 2d sprites, which gives the game a much more cinematic feel. the music of the game is the more memorable theme song by the japanese movie review show t.v. on the sports channel. in this game, the main player is in the middle of a war, in an island surrounded by gigantic spaceships and battling fierce aliens. the game is set in the past, and focuses on one man journey in this war. even though the game takes place in the past, there are still a lot of changes happening in the game, such as the introduction of new powers that are related to the places that you go to. this intensifies the feeling of the game as a pure action movie.

the game itself is heavily inspired by the movie star wars. the main character looks like c3po from the movie, with a robotic body. your main abilities are the main items that the game gave the character. your lightsaber is able to cut trees in half and fire beams, use objects that you pick up to cause damage, and even your running ability activates while cutting trees. the main ways to increase your abilities is through upgrades. many of the upgrades are related to the places that you go, such as mines and large machines, which provide power to your new abilities. you can also get upgrades from the scientists, who are people that you encounter. the scientists will talk to you about your abilities and provide you with new abilities in exchange for the benefits of working with them. 3d9ccd7d82


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