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The Billboard reported in September 1997 that the release should be worth close to $100 million.[5] Worldwide Hits: The Very Best of Whitney Houston was also announced for release, but it eventually emerged that the album was simply a repackage of some of the material from The Ultimate Collection. The re-release caused some confusion amongst Houston's fans -- as well as among some in the industry, who felt that their investment in Whitney: The Ultimate Collection would be unfairly diluted by the release of another album of compilations. After a one-week delay, Whitney: The Ultimate Collection finally made its debut on December 2, 1997. The album marked the first time Houston had recorded all her hits in a cohesive package which did not differentiate between hits and B-sides.[6]

The song "Greatest Love of All" was a selection that had first been a surprise on the soundtrack of the 1998 film Down to You. The song was first recorded in 1985 by Houston on her self-titled debut album and later appeared on Houston's Greatest Hits album in 1994. It was the first track written by Syreeta Wright (then known as Syreeta Cannon) and Cheryl Lynn. Originally, the song was intended to be released as a single and to appear on Wright's first album, This Girl's in Love With You. When Wright had network problems preparing the album, the song was shelved and was reissued as a B-side to Houston's version of the song, in 1989.[7][11] For the reissue of Houston's compilation, music publishers Chrysalis Music Group re-recorded the song, retaining the original 1987 recording. The song was included in the album to ensure that the album met its $100 million budget.[29] The second track, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", was also previously an album track for Houston on her fourth studio album, Whitney (1985). The song had been written in 1984 by Houston and then-boyfriend, producer Kenneth Gamble. d2c66b5586


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