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How to Unlock Your Chrysler Car Radio with a Code Calculator

If you have lost your Chrysler car radio code or forgot it after disconnecting the battery, you may be wondering how to get it back. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can help you unlock your car radio without visiting a dealer or paying a fee. All you need is a code calculator that can generate the correct code for your Chrysler radio based on its serial number.

In this article, we will explain what a code calculator is, how it works, and where to find one online. We will also show you how to locate your Chrysler radio serial number and how to enter the code on your radio. By following these steps, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music again in no time.

What is a Code Calculator

A code calculator is a software tool that can generate the security code for your Chrysler car radio based on its serial number. The serial number is a unique identifier that is printed or engraved on your radio unit. It usually consists of letters and numbers, such as TM9XXXXXX1234.

The security code is a four-digit number that is required to activate your radio after a power loss or a battery change. It is a anti-theft feature that prevents unauthorized use of your radio. The code is usually provided by the manufacturer or the dealer when you buy the car or the radio. However, if you lose it or forget it, you will need to use a code calculator to get it back.

How Does a Code Calculator Work

A code calculator works by using an algorithm that can calculate the correct code for your radio based on its serial number. The algorithm is different for each radio model and brand, so you need to use a code calculator that is compatible with your Chrysler radio.

To use a code calculator, you need to enter the serial number of your radio in the input field and click on the generate button. The calculator will then display the code on your screen or send it to your email address. You can then use the code to unlock your radio and enjoy your music again.

Where to Find a Code Calculator Online

There are many websites that offer code calculators for Chrysler radios online. Some of them are free, while others charge a small fee. However, not all of them are reliable or safe, so you need to be careful when choosing one.

One of the best websites that we recommend is PELock, which offers a code calculator for Chrysler Panasonic TM9 radios[^1^]. This is one of the most common models of Chrysler radios that require a code after power loss. The calculator is easy to use and fast to deliver. You only need to pay $5 for a personal license or $9 for a company license and enter the last four digits of your serial number. You will then receive your code instantly on your screen and in your email.

Another website that we recommend is Radio Code UK, which offers a code decoding service for all Chrysler radios[^2^]. You only need to pay Â4.99 and enter the full serial number of your radio. You will then receive your code digitally following your purchase.

How to Locate Your Chrysler Radio Serial Number

To use a code calculator, you need to know the serial number of your Chrysler radio. There are two ways to find it: by ejecting the radio box or by using the preset buttons.

Method 1: Eject the Radio Box

This method involves removing the radio unit from the dashboard and reading the serial number from the metal plate attached to the back or side of it. To do this, you need to use a screwdriver or a special tool to press into the tiny holes on the front of the radio and pull it out. Be careful not to damage the wires or connectors behind it.

The serial number should start with TM9 letters followed by six digits, such as TM9XXXXXX1234[^1^]. You only need the last four digits to use the PELock aa16f39245


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