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Taras Mukhin
Taras Mukhin

3 Guys Force!FULL! Fully Gangbang A Girl Against Some Rocks And Laugh At The

ive been abused from a child into adulthood both sexually and physically i never gotten any help for it or other issues i have had because of these experiences. now i have an open cps case because of domestic violence from my husband i have to take classes and see you guys but how will i know that what i say to you will not effect me getting my daughter back what if you think im crazy. im scared if im honest that i will never get my daughter back but at same time all my family and friends want me to get help. i want help im scared everyday that i might to something dangerous to my self some days im ok but others not its a rollercoaster i dont want to be on anymore but im scared if i ask for help and tell my story it will be used against my i dont trust anyone never have idk what my question is really im just dont want to cheat this program if it can actually help me

3 Guys Forcefully Gangbang a Girl against some Rocks and Laugh at the

i ride a harley. the liquid cooled one that leaves the other harleys in the dust aka a vrsc aka the v-rod. i ride with a shoei modular helmet. leather in winter, mesh rest of year. been riding since 8 when i started with motocross. first thing i was told by my father, no helmet, no getting on your mx bike. full face mx helmet + padded compression vest + snap on armor for legs and arms. i was 8 at the time and wearing a helmet felt natural and the right thing to do. and youre telling me a 50 something year old dude cant understand how hitting his head against the ground at 20mph can kill him or keep him as a vegetable until someone decides to plug him off it isnt only harleys, its the same with anyone riding a cruiser or sportbike here in the south. the adventure moto guys and the touring guys are the opposite. theyre all suited up. theyre the only ones who will wave first when we cross paths and they see me on my v-rod suited up too.


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