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What is Martin Show Designer and How to Use It?

What is Martin Show Designer and How to Use It?

Martin Show Designer (MSD) is a powerful 3D visualizer software that allows you to create realistic simulations of lighting, video, scenery, camera motion and smoke effects for your shows. Whether you are a lighting designer, a set designer, a producer or a salesperson, MSD can help you to plan, design and present your ideas in a stunning way.

In this article, we will give you an overview of MSD's features and benefits, as well as some tips on how to use it effectively.

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Features and Benefits of MSD

MSD is the best real-time 3D visualizer on the market, according to its developer Lighthouse Holland B.V. [^2^]. It has a newly designed 3D engine that provides photorealistic rendering in real-time using the latest DirectX technology. MSD can handle complex scenes with thousands of fixtures and objects without compromising speed or quality.

Some of the features and benefits of MSD are:

  • A user-friendly timeline control that allows you to create complex presentations with ease. You can synchronize lighting, video, animated scenery, camera motion and smoke effects with music or timecode. You can also edit, copy, paste and loop cues and tracks.

  • A modern user interface that offers you a rapid workflow. You can quickly drag and drop fixtures, objects and textures from the library or import your own. You can also access any object's properties with a single click.

  • A comprehensive fixture library that includes thousands of fixtures from various manufacturers. You can also create your own fixtures or edit existing ones using the fixture editor.

  • A realistic simulation of lighting effects such as gobos, prisms, color mixing, dimming, shutter and zoom. You can also control the beam shape, intensity and color temperature of each fixture.

  • A realistic simulation of video effects such as projection mapping, LED screens and media servers. You can import video files or live feeds and map them onto any surface or object.

  • A realistic simulation of scenery effects such as moving objects, animated textures and UV mapping. You can import 3D models or create your own using the built-in 3D modeling app.

  • A realistic simulation of camera effects such as pan, tilt, zoom, focus and depth of field. You can create multiple cameras and switch between them during playback.

  • A realistic simulation of smoke effects such as fog, haze, low-fog and pyro. You can adjust the density, color and direction of the smoke.

  • A compatibility with Vectorworks software through a Windows-based plug-in. You can export and import Vectorworks files into MSD with ease. The system learns from previous conversions to choose the right MSD fixture type to replace Vectorworks fixtures [^1^].

  • A compatibility with various lighting consoles and protocols such as DMX, Art-Net, sACN and MA-Net. You can connect MSD to your console and use it as a pre-visualization tool or a backup system.

How to Use MSD Effectively

MSD is a versatile software that can be used for various purposes and stages of your show production. Here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • Use MSD as a planning tool to explore different design ideas and concepts. You can experiment with different fixtures, colors, positions, angles and effects without spending time and money on physical equipment.

  • Use MSD as a design tool to create detailed and accurate lighting plots and set designs. You can export your designs as PDF files or images for documentation or presentation purposes.

  • Use MSD as a presentation tool to impress your clients or stakeholders with realistic 3D renderings of your show. You can play back your presentation in real-time or export it as a video file for offline viewing.

  • Use MSD as a pre-visualization tool to test and fine-tune your show before going on site. You can connect MSD to your console and see how your cues look like in 3D without having to set up the actual rig.

Use MSD as a backup tool to ensure your show runs smoothly even if something goes wrong on site. You can run MSD on a laptop or a tablet and control it remotely from your console in 29c81ba772

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