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If you tend to lump the late Charles Schulz's long-running series alongside its fellow funny-page denizens all those bright, breezy kiddie-fare strips then hoo boy, it has been a long time since you read it. Sure, Charlie Brown and the gang are drawn in Schulz's distinctively (and deceptively) simple, big-head/button-nose style, but the Peanuts sensibility is shot through with an anxious species of melancholy that's achingly recognizable it's nothing less than the human condition. Peanuts characters worry about their lot in life, they cling to coping mechanisms, they get depressed, they develop unrequited crushes, and, again and again, they get duped into trusting that they'll be able to kick a football (Spoiler: They will not). Yet sometimes only sometimes, and only if they're Snoopy, the one Peanuts character who is completely comfortable in his skin they dance. In Peanuts, as in life, that kind of joy descends only in fitful bursts, but descend it does, and it's enough. 3d9ccd7d82


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