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Jim Sterling from Destructoid felt the game had a larger emphasis on storytelling when compared with its predecessors, and liked the game's cast of characters. Sterling called the story "tightly written" and "stylishly presented".[7] Matt Bertz from Game Informer agreed, calling the story "compelling". The game's cast of side-characters was praised for their acting and characterization. Mando's performance as Vaas was praised by critics: Ryan Taljonick from GamesRadar stated that his presence made some missions memorable.[94] Mitch Dyer from IGN noted that Jason is a relatable character due to his many flaws.[96] Kevin VanOrd from GameSpot questioned some of the narrative decisions, such as the heavy emphasis on drug use.[95] Other story beats, such as Jason's transformation into an effective combatant within a short period of time[98] and Vaas's early death in the story, were criticized.[99] Bob Mackey of felt that the game lacked cultural commentary that it promised stating: "The team at Ubisoft Montreal could have used this opportunity to point out the strange trend of our wise-cracking, pretty boy video game heroes ruthlessly slaying hordes of faceless human opponents in increasingly cruel ways, but Far Cry 3 plays it incredibly safe -- despite what its advertising campaign would have you believe."[91] Both Bramwell and Tom Francis from PC Gamer remarked on the main quest's linear design,[92] which Francis described as a "guided tour of all the clumsiest ways to mash story and videogames together until both of them break".[16] Arthur Gies from Polygon criticized the story for being clichéd. The game's handling of subject matter like misogyny and homophobia and its usage of the white savior trope were also criticized.[100] 1e1e36bf2d


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