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The Freest Congolese Conflux of Tatalia-Nkisi7 hours agoWell, farewell Peoples of Waskar, if you think that this game was too time consuming, then It might be a good decision to let go a bit and take care of more mundane things.Yet, I know that it may have had some ups and downs, but I hope that overall, you enjoyed your stay, and if one day you decide to come back, we will be waiting here for you C: Novespes, Peoples of Waskar, and New CervutaeThe Imperial Janian Federation of Gran River6 hours agoPeoples of Waskar.I will miss you, wanted to see the rest of your development as a NS nation. I understand your reasons, it's the best thing to do, but know that SH will always be here when you need it. Novespes, Peoples of Waskar, and New CervutaeThe Holy Empire of Sorcery6 hours agoI will miss you, Peoples of Waskar, you made sky haven so much better but it is important to take some time away from NS so I wish you a pleasant farewell. Gran River, Peoples of Waskar, and New CervutaeThe Confederacy of Coregia5 hours agoEditedGuess what, Its Fun Fact Friday!!!!(Also, Farwell To Peoples of Waskar, If you are just not passionate its alright to leave, hope you can enjoy your time more outside of this game. Peace Be With You) Peoples of WaskarThe Neo-Constitutional Republic of New Cervutae4 hours agoPeoples of WaskarI know we havent been on the best of terms. But for some reason I feel bad and i would like to wish you a goodbye. if tou ever come back, I will be waiting for you in open arms Gran River, Peoples of Waskar, and CoregiaThe CardKing of Peoples of Waskar3 hours agoGoodbye and farewellIve came back to see your commentsEither way i Will miss You guys Gran RiverThe Confederacy of Coregia3 hours agoPeoples of Waskar wrote:Goodbye and farewellIve came back to see your commentsEither way i Will miss You guysWe shall as well.The United Kingdom of New Yugoslavian Republics3 hours agoHi Im new and I had no experience with NS but Im glad i found this group! you guys look like a good community! Gran RiverThe Empire of Baba3 hours agoPeoples of Waskar wrote:Thats very funnyYou go inactive for 2 years and go back to start an argumentLegit npc nglBtw i'm a legit Card king heres My IDNpc peace of crapLike Even the dialogue is crap broYou speak robot no emotionsBro Even insults me with his puppet not with his mainBro Even the name is for an npcDon't try to respond i'll just skip all the dialogueI bet Even the factbook is generated by an AI.Disgusting but expected given you possess no justification for your self-described superiority.The CardKing of Peoples of Waskar12 minutes agoEdited 10 minutes agoBaba wrote:Disgusting but expected given you possess no justification for your self-described superiority.Well if You wanna go that way just do it, very late btw.I might go off on for 10 days until i log in since i feel the chills when ppl are talking abt me when i'm gone in this wayIt feels malicious and cowardous but ig, see ya thenLast post on the rmb until i log inBtw some ppl are stealing My accs ive noticed i can't access to some Card farmers for the sake of safety i Will make My password in a weird fontForum View

Several plane crashes in 1937 and 1939 were reported in the Washington Post, including one that resulted in the death of a 20-year old aspiring transport pilot whose second-hand biplane spun into the ground at Skyhaven while he executing a vertical turn over the field. A representative of the Air Safety Board examined the plane immediately after the accident and reported that no engine or structural damage could be determined, but that the license numbers had already been partially stripped away by souvenir seekers.

In May 1938, Skyhaven Airport was the site of the largest, at that time, powered model airplane contest ever held in the Mid-Atlantic. More than 250 model airplanes, powered by one-quarter horsepower engines capable of speeds up to 55-mile an hour, took part in the two-day meet. One of the winners


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