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Behringer Bcd3000 Driver For Mac

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What are you using to connect to your machine? These includes things like the software that is installed in your machine, whether you have a mouse, and which video card you are using. Try to use the latest version of the BCD3000 software and the latest version of Traktor pro. Also try to use the latest version of the driver. If you have any problems, or if you can't find your driver, please use the BCD3000 Support Forum -

The Behringer BCD3000 is a very good midi controller. It works well with Traktor Pro 2.0, and also with Traktor Pro 2.0.5. Try to use the latest Traktor Pro if you have any problems. BCD3000 Support Forum -

Your operating system and version of the BCD3000 software can have a large impact on the performance of your BCD3000. There are various tweaks which may be necessary to increase the performance of your BCD3000, but the correct settings for your hardware and software setup are best left to the end users.Try using the BCD3000 Support Forum to seek help.

I have Windows 7 64 bit and Behringer BCD3000. Unfortunately Behringer does NOT support Windows 7 64 bit OS, only Windows 7 32 bit. I installed the virtual PC on my Windows 7 64bit and then the BCD software on it. The installation is ok but the performance is low, apparently due to the lack of resources when running this program in virtual pc. 827ec27edc


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