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Being used for garbage eliminates Jerry's car as a sanitary haven, and he breaks down in front of Jenna. Satisfied she has got her revenge, she tells him what she put in the toilet: the toilet brush. George unintentionally severs a water main while digging up the road, causing Jenna's toilet to erupt and dump its contents onto her. Jerry is disgusted and dumps her on the spot. Kramer tries to return the highway to four lanes but spills flammable paint thinner all over the road. Newman drives by. His mail truck catches the sewing machine and drags it on the highway, sending up sparks that ignite the paint thinner and cause his truck to go up in flames. As the credits roll, a torched and stranded Newman wanders off in a daze. Kramer offers him a ride, but after getting no response, flees to evade the law. 1e1e36bf2d


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