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Valentine Ignatov
Valentine Ignatov

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Theo, you don't understand. Japan absolutely refused to surrender, and to prevent further loss of life on both sides, the bombs needed to be dropped. Even at the lives of Japanese civilians, the war had to stop. And what you don't understand, North Korea HAS a nuclear program, and they are not RELUCTANT to use it. You say practice what we preach, and we preach freedom and a secure world, and right now, N. Korea wants to stop that. It may seem simple to be able to sit there and just say "Ohhh Destroy your stock pile blah blah practice what you preach" but in reality, that is only leaving America partly defenseless, and that sure as hell wouldn't be good news for us, but it would for or enemies. You believe words are the answer; Reality Will Not Tolerate That Kind Of Ignorance. \

Good Boy Bad Boy full movie in english free download mp4

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