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What is MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 and how can it improve your casting quality

MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 is a new release of MAGMASOFTÂ, the comprehensive and effective optimization tool for improving metalcasting quality, optimizing process conditions and reducing production costs. MAGMASOFTÂ is developed by MAGMA, a leading company in casting technology and software solutions.

MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 offers several new features and benefits that help you to achieve your goals faster and easier. Some of the highlights are:

Interactive 3D-visualization of projects: You can easily view and manipulate your geometries, meshes, results and animations in 3D, using intuitive mouse and keyboard controls.

Easy organization of geometries: You can quickly create, modify, duplicate and delete geometries in the Geometry Tree, using drag-and-drop functionality and context menus.

Effective image generation in Multiview: You can automatically generate high-quality images and film sequences of your results, using predefined or custom templates.

New quality criteria for evaluating casting roundness and flatness: You can measure and optimize the distortion of your castings, using new criteria such as roundness deviation, flatness deviation and maximum displacement.

Extended possibilities of MAGMAinteractÂ: You can share your geometries as a 3D model in MAGMAinteractÂ, a free viewer that allows you to interact with your projects without MAGMASOFTÂ. You can also load geometries faster in the background and display them in different colors.

Web download of MAGMASOFTÂ: You can easily download the latest version of MAGMASOFTÂ from the web, using your login credentials and a secure connection.

If you want to learn more about MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 and how it can help you to improve your casting quality, visit or contact your local MAGMA representative.



MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 supports all cast materials and all aspects of casting manufacture, including melting and metallurgy, pattern and coremaking, cleaning and repair. You can simulate and optimize any casting process, such as sand casting, die casting, investment casting, permanent mold casting, centrifugal casting and more. You can also apply MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 for different cast alloys, such as iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc and titanium.

MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 offers a virtual test field for the reduction of metalcasting defects with high degrees of freedom without production risk. You can use the methodology of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization to explore different design and process scenarios and find the best solutions for your objectives. You can also analyze the effects of process variability on your casting quality and establish robust process windows.

MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 allows faster decision making and saves time for all parties involved. You can use MAGMASOFTMAGMA5254 from conceptual to final component design, during the tooling layout and prototyping, all the way through to the production and heat treatment processes. You can also improve communication and confidence within your company and in cooperation with customers by sharing your results and insights using MAGMAinteractÂ.

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