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Well, surprise, surprise- Americans have been asleep at the wheel. But we have woken up and it's time to take action. We need to descend en mass on Washington and kick out ALL politicians that do not act in the interest of the PEOPLE. Demand an end to political contributions from lobbyists and demand the impeachment of Bush & Cheney. Go to to see the cronological reporting by an investigative reporter from London of the world banking crisis perpetrated by Bush and gang. It's shocking that they could have gotten away with this for so long. The PEOPLE need to rise up and defend our rights & freedoms and get rid of these criminals running our government. McCain is NOT ahead by any means. He's a Bush puppet. They are going to try and manipulate the election again. Demand a paper trail.

Kick 2 download movie free

The Adams discuss how lockdowns and COVID precautions influenced the cope of their film and how it also freed them to do almost anything they want. They also discussed composing the music together as a family, how they started making movies together in the first place, what horror influences them the most, and so much more.


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