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Film Marocain Zero Myegy

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Film Marocain Zero Myegy

the theme from the classic 1963 film the great escape is a call-and-response from billy wilder and jack albertson's characters, and the song has been used in a number of military films, such as the 1980 film hooper. the song is known not only for its lyrics but also for the signature horn of composer jerry goldsmith's theme from the film, a popular tune to this day and covered by a number of musicians, including michael bublé, bob williams and mike myers .

the theme from the 1967 film the graduate is another classic, and the ode to joy from beethoven's 9th symphony is fairly popular as well. the song fits into the film in which an upper-class student (played by dustin hoffman) struggles to graduate in time to make college tuition.

bluesy george gershwin composed the operetta, porgy and bess, and the most famous song from the musical is the title song. porgy and bess premiered on broadway in 1935, and although the show was poorly received, the "summertime" number is widely considered one of the most famous pieces of music in musical theater. it earned the show an uncredited pulitzer prize for music in 1936, and has been covered by numerous artists, including pearl bailey, elvis presley, sarah vaughn, dionne warwick, barbra streisand, and the steve martin and ernie (skitch) martin jazz trio.

in the 1950s, dick van dyke starred in many of the most successful family comedies of the decade. his 1937 film swing time is perhaps best remembered for the flashy, fast-paced song "broadway boogie woogie", but he was probably best known for the catchy and relentlessly repeated "i've got rhythm" in mary poppins. another musical from the year, cole porter's the lost weekend, featured the song "what is this thing called love," for which the composer won an academy award in 1934. 3d9ccd7d82


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